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Beyond Coffee

Beyond Coffee is an exclusive coffee shop on the 4th floor of Shopper's Square, we have a variety of pastries, quick bites and cookies for take away as well as enjoying in the bright yet cozy atmosphere of the coffee shop itself.

Pastries NotVeg Bites Veg Bites
Chocolate Truffle Rs. 30.00 Chicken Pizza Rs. 45.00 Veg Sandwhich Rs. 30.00
Butter Scotch Rs. 25.00 Chicken Burger Rs. 35.00 Veg Puff Rs. 15.00
Vanilla Rs. 25.00 Chicken Sandwhich Rs. 40.00 Masala Puff Rs. 15.00
Butter Forest Rs. 25.00 Chicken Hot Dog Rs. 30.00 Paneer Roll Puff Rs. 15.00
Choco Triangle Rs. 35.00 Chicken Puff Rs. 20.00 Veg Hot Dog Rs. 25.00
Fantasy Rs. 35.00 Hot Beverages Veg Pizza Rs. 35.00
Fresh Pineapple Rs. 25.00 Espresso/Americano Rs. 35.00 Veg Burger Rs. 30.00
Choco Black Forest Rs. 35.00 Cappuccino Rs. 35.00
Choco Brownie Rs. 30.00 Mochaccino Rs. 40.00
Choco Doughnuts Rs. 20.00 Hot Chocolate Rs. 35.00
Cold Beverages Bread 'n Muffins Cookies 250 gm
Mango Milk Shake Rs. 40.00 Garlic Bread Rs. 30.00 Coconut Macaroons Rs. 40.00
Vanilla Milk Shake Rs. 35.00 Masala Cheese Bread Rs. 30.00 Chocolate Fudge Rs. 40.00
Chocolate Milk Shake Rs. 35.00 Choco Muffin Rs. 15.00 Jam Cookies Rs. 40.00
Cold Coffee Rs. 35.00 Strawberry Muffin Rs. 15.00 Almond Cookies Rs. 40.00
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream Rs. 45.00 Vanilla Muffin Rs. 15.00

*Taxes and Service charges charged extra, as applicable.
*All rates are subject to change

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